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CNC Bed milling machine - Horizontal machining center 5 Axis CME MB 3000 Flex
CNC Bedmilling machine Ki Heung KNC Q-1000 X-3100 mm 2.5 degree head
CNC VMC Kasuga Q 1250 VA Machining Center Used VMC  
CNC Vertical Machining center VMC Matsuura MC 600 VF   
CNC Vertical Machining center VMC Matsuura MC 760 VF
CNC Vertical Machining center VMC Norte VS 200 - screew cutting 
CNC Vertical Machining Center VMC Mazak VTC 30C
CNC VMC Ledwell MCV OP X-500 mm
CNC Machining center YCM - Supermax 85A
CNC Horizontal Borer Innocenti CWB 305-200  - X 12.400 - Y 4.800 
CNC Horizontal Borer Table Type Union BFT 110-8  

CNC Lathe Niles Simmons N50  dia. 1300 x 4500 mm - 126 kw 
CNC Lathe Mazak Integrex 30 - 1500 mm 
CNC Lathe Mazak Integrex 300 II SY
CNC Lathe Mazak Nexus 350 II MY x 1500 mm
CNC Lathe Mazak QT 20
CNC Lathe Mazak Integrex E-650 x 4000 mm
VMC Maxzak Variaxis 500 5x II - 5 axis - 2 Pallets -  APC 
VMC Mazak Intergrex E-800 V5 II Used Machining center - 120 Tools 
CNC Lathe Miyano BND-34T CNC Lathe 
CNC Lathe Nakamura TW-20 - 6 axis  
CNC Lathe Lathe WFL M30 x 950 mm 8 axet ( Y+B )  
CNC Cylindrical Grinder Okamoto OGM-3150 PEXB

CNC Lathe Voest Weiler E70 - 3000 
CNC Lathe Gildemeister Max Muller MD7 IT 
CNC Lathe Gildemeister GT 50 with subspindle  
CNC Lathe Gildemeister MF 42 Sprint
CNC Lathe Ecoca EL 4615 dia. 415 x 1500 mm  
CNC Lathe Torshälla S400 dia. 700 x 2500 mm  
Chip Convoyer to Mazak VTS 530 - Only used for test  
EDM Wire Cut Jauch Smider  
Radial Drilling Machine 2000 mm
Convoyer for Mazak VTS 530 - Cromar

Other Used Machine Tools with Direct Link

Sheet Metal Machinery   


Plate Bending Machine Ducci CLI-MY 12-3000 3 roll prebending 

Workshop Press AC 16 Ton 
Workshop Press AC 25 Ton
Workshop Press AC 40 Ton 
Workshop Press AC 40 EH1 Hydr. 
Workshop Press AC 60 EH2 - Hydr. 
Section Bender LFSS PK 30 New

Section Bender LFSS PK 35 New
Section Bender LFSS PK 40 New
Welding Rotators 150 Ton

Other Machinery 
Rotary Table Poreba SA 2000 - 2000 x 2000 mm - 30 T
Gear Hobber Tos OF 71 - dia 710 mm 
Floorboring machine Union BFP 125-5 -  
Rotary Table Union TI 2 - 1800 x 1800 mm - 12.500 kg

Welding Rotators W.R. GZ 20 Ton Self Aligning 

Portable Milling Machine Sungdong SD-09-PMM-01 used  
Lifting Table - Loadtable Salvagnini 5 Ton  
Lifting Beam 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 Ton  
Centerless Lapping m/c Stähli CLM 500

OKUMA VAC DRIVE A 7.5 KW Main Spindle - E4809-045-140- 1006-1104-55-25 
OKUMA VACII Spindle DriveII D6-A -   E4809-045-140- 1006-1104-47-05

Chip convoyer Mayfran CT-20 Fit to Mazak Slanturn 500-550 - 2000 
Cylindrical Grinder Johansson 3U x 3000 mm 
Annealing oven - Furnace 700 degreee    dia. 1900 x 1000 mm Workpiece



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Mazak CNC Lathe Mazak Mori seiki Okuma 

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