Mazak SQT 200M - 500

Build 2000


Max. Turning diameter                       276 mm dia.
Max. Turning dia o/slide                     525 mm dia.
Boring trough drawing pipe                   51 mm dia.
Spindle speed Range                   35-5000 rpm
Main motor power                              18,5 Kw
C Axis - Mainspindle Stroke            0.001 Degree
Tool Turret capacity                              12 stations
Live Tooling Spindle speeds         25-4000 rpm
Rotary Tool Motor Power                     3,7 kw
Total Power Source                           29,58 kva

Bar Feeder LNS ECO Load-1 - Build 2000
Hydraulic centre chuck 200 mm
Live Tools rade 1 pcs.
Live angle Tools 1 pcs.
Tool setter

Control system Mazatrol 640T
Working hours Spindel 7278 Hours

Length 3030 mm, Height 2200 mm, Width 1696 mm, Weight 5400 kg

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all sensitive details, customers are responsible to ensure machines conformation to local safety regulations.

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Mazak SQT 200M -
Collet Chuck is not included - 200 mm chuck will be mounted

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